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  • Volunteering

    Thank you for your interest in the SafeSpace Volunteer Program. Volunteers are a vital and valuable part of our agency and enhance our ability to offer comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and their children. In addition to the support they offer to our programs, they also send a strong message of caring to those we serve by letting them know they are not alone.

    Our volunteer program offers a wide variety of individual and group opportunities. Additionally, we value our volunteers’ time and make a commitment to provide volunteer options that provide flexibility to meet a variety of schedules. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our various volunteer opportunities and browse the Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions section for additional details.

    SafeSpace seeks to provide excellence, not only with regards to service delivery for the community we serve, but also for volunteer opportunities. That is why we ask volunteers to fill out a volunteer application. It not only allows us to be able to identify your area of interests so we can match you with the proper department, program and or project, it also helps us ensure that we are maintaining safety and security for those we serve. Click NEXT below to continue to the next page for the volunteer application and instructions for submitting your application.

    Click HERE to view and download the volunteer application. Once complete, send to:

    SafeSpace Volunteer Program
    636 Middle Creek Rd - Suite 3
    Sevierville, Tennessee 37862

    If you have any further questions, call (865) 453-9254

    Who Can Volunteer?
    Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and include women, men, and teens (minimum age is 18.) There are no minimum work or educational requirements to volunteer. All you need is the capacity to care and a willingness to help. Prospective volunteers must attend an orientation session, complete a background check, and attend an interview session with our staff prior to placement. SafeSpace offers both entry-level and advanced volunteer positions. Extended Training is a mandatory requirement for all staff and advanced positions. All training sessions are free for those who volunteer and training sessions are offered as needed.

    Volunteer Orientation
    SafeSpace wants to ensure that our volunteers are well prepared to do their jobs. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you make a difference in the community. The initial orientation session helps you learn more about the agency, the services we offer, and how you can provide support. Volunteers wishing to work in positions that provide direct assistance to victims must attend our extended training program as well.

    Background Check
    We ask that you provide personal information such as current name, previous names used, date of birth, gender and race, driver’s license, and social security numbers so theTennessee Department of Law Enforcement can process your background investigation. Only individuals with a clear background check may volunteer for SafeSpace

    Extended Training
    Our extended training program is an intensive curriculum that prepares attendees with an extensive knowledge of domestic violence, including safety planning for victims and children, an overview of the legal system, characteristics of perpetrators, and tips for effective advocacy. By completing the curriculum and passing the written test, participants are registered for “privileged” status.

    Interview Process
    Interview sessions are a chance for you and the staff to get to know each other and are held after prospective volunteers attend an orientation. The staff will provide you with a tour of the agency and discuss your areas of interest and your availability. Those interested in entry-level areas will be placed in a position at that time. Those planning on attending the extended training may elect an entry-level placement at that time or wait for the next training to be placed

  • Donations

    Since its establishment in 1976, SafeSpace has grown from being among the first domestic violence shelters established in Tennessee to providing program and services to more than 4,000 women, children, and men annually in Jefferson, Cocke, and Sevier counties. Without SafeSpace, many of these victim’ hope for peace is lost.

    Every year we rely on the community to contribute financial and personal resources to help us continue to serve victims of domestic violence and their families and to help prevent future abuse. You can be part of the solution. Your donations help victims survive the odds. Please donate today, your gift is a way you can partner with us to fight domestic violence in our community.

    SafeSpace relies on the generosity of the community to provide goods and items for victims of domestic violence and their families who are in crisis or may be trying to leave an abusive home.

    Commonly Needed Items:

    • • Household linens (new or gently used towels, blankets, etc.)
    • • Personal hygiene products (shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
    • • Female hygiene products
    • • Diapers, underwear (women’s and children’s)
    • • Used cell phones
    • • Children’s items
    • • Kitchen items (pots and pans, dinnerware, etc.)
    • • Office and school supplies
    • • Laundry items (detergent, softener, etc.)
    • • Toilet paper and paper towels
    • • Household items (lamps, dishes, flatware, etc.)
    • • Furniture
    • • New or good used clothing